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Dell XPS M1730 17" Blk/Silver
Intel Core 2 Duo 2.5GHz, 4GB RAM, 17" Widescreen, 1TB HD, 1 year warranty
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      Get a Great Deal on a High Spec Laptop

If you want a gaming laptop but don't want to spend a fortune your options may seem limited. At Portable universe we believe you should not have to compromise on quality to get a high end gaming laptop for a bargain price. In order to bring you the best reconditioned high spec laptop options available we bring our years of experience and industry contacts to bear and the result is what you see here, a selection of gaming laptops at prices you probably thought were impossible. We want you to have the freedom of laptop gaming without the financial burden.

A Gaming Laptop That Won't Slow You Down

There are certain minimum requirements when it comes to a gaming laptop and one of the most essential criteria it has to meet is processing power. There is no way a standard laptop will keep up with the demands of modern gaming and just will not cut it if you want to run games on the highest display settings. A 16GB RAM laptop is sufficient in many cases provided the graphics processor is up to scratch but if you want to really get the immersive experience a 32GB RAM laptop or faster will be required.

Choose Your High End Gaming Laptop Now

So, by now you probably get the idea; when it comes to gaming you shouldn't skimp on power! Fortunately, at portable Universe, we are able to provide you with the gaming laptop you need without the need to head to the high street and part with unnecessary amounts of money. The cash you save by buying a reconditioned gaming laptop here can go towards increasing your collection during the next Steam sale or could be used to buy some new peripherals to give you the competitive edge. Check out what we have to offer and, if you don't see something that catches your eye, get in touch and we'll see what we can do.