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Get ready for Li-Fi, a technology 100 times faster than Wi-Fi Viewed:6363
- 25 Wednesday November, 2015
A company called Velmenni told the IBTimes UK that it took the technology out of the labs and into real-world offices and industrial environments in Estonia, where it was able to achieve those speeds. Li-Fi transmits data using LED lights, which flicker on and off within nanoseconds, imperceptibl ...
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Apple iMac review: two sizes of Retina Viewed:5591
- 06 Friday November, 2015
Last year’s iMac brought the Retina display to Apple’s desktop product line in dramatic fashion. The 27-inch 5K screen was a jaw-dropping addition that made the all-in-one impossible to look away from. And if you were in a position to afford one, you came away with an incredibly capable machine ...
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iPad Pro and Accessories Rumored to Launch on November 11th Viewed:5060
- 03 Tuesday November, 2015
Also casting doubt on the purported November 11th release is the fact that the date falls on a Wednesday, which just so happens to be memorial day in the United States. Historically speaking, Apple tends to avoid major holiday release dates for its products, typically outing them on either Tuesdays ...
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Samsung's super-sized Galaxy View tablet is $599, coming Novembe Viewed:5157
- 29 Thursday October, 2015
The Galaxy View, Samsung's colossal 18-inch tablet designed for video streaming, will be priced at $599 when it's released on November 6th. That'll get you the Wi-Fi version with 32GB of internal storage; the View also includes a microSD slot for adding more storage should you need it. A US wireless ...
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Microsoft's new campaign helps MacBook Pro owners switch to Surf Viewed:1402
- 27 Tuesday October, 2015
Microsoft is using Apple's old playbook in an attempt to get MacBook loyalists to switch to a Surface Book. If you're a MacBook Pro user wooed by Microsoft's promises of a detachable screen, discrete-class graphics and a stunning machined aluminium design, Microsoft has you covered with a new campai ...
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Solu: A flawed attempt to reinvent the PC Viewed:1086
- 19 Monday October, 2015
"Solu" (that's Finnish for "organic cell") is a new type of computer that has just been announced. It's a little device with a stylish wooden finish that looks a bit like an expensive coaster. It can be used independently as a standalone touchscreen device, a bit like a smartphone - although it do ...
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Mac OS X El Capitan 10.11 Viewed:1141
- 16 Friday October, 2015
Apple confirmed that the new version of OS X will build on the strengths of Yosemite with "real refinements". What that really means is that with this release Apple is focusing on performance and introducing only a handful of new features.Our favourite new feature might just be the new way to find y ...
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New iMac release date rumours Viewed:1164
- 12 Monday October, 2015
The new 21in iMac with 4K Retina display will launch next week, according to "multiple reliable sources" states 9to5Mac in a report. That report suggests that the iMac could appear in store on Tuesday 13 October, although supplies may initially be constrained, with larger quantities expected in N ...
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Apple iPhone 6s coming soon Viewed:1466
- 02 Wednesday September, 2015
Apple have organised an event to show off the new iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus and the new Apple TV. The release date is looking like it will be in mid-September, if previous launch schedules are to go by. Apple has already set the likely launch date for the phone, sending out invitations to journalis ...
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Free Windows 10 Upgrade!!!! Viewed:1618
- 14 Tuesday July, 2015
Windows 10 from 29th July can be upgraded for free on any devices with Windows 7, 8 or 8.1.Microsoft want Windows 10 to be an earnest upgrade to Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 users. It builds on Windows 8’s base, offering desktop improvements and security features. Microsoft has conceded on the most h ...
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Which Media Device Do You Use, When? Viewed:2920
- 16 Monday March, 2015
Did you know that we apparently have a preference over which media device we use dependent on the time of day? According to research*, the time of day will denote which device we are most likely to use and when! Apparently it can also influence the way we search too. Between the hours of 12am – ...
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Apple's latest media event | Spring Forward to March 9th Viewed:2519
- 06 Friday March, 2015
Apple's ‘Spring Forward’ event is literally only days away and it has sent the rumour mill well and truly into motion with widely anticipated new products and announcements. It’s set to provide more information on their latest wearable technology, the Apple watch, with speculation of a possibl ...
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Apple Set to Increase iOS App Prices Viewed:3080
- 08 Thursday January, 2015
According to The Guardian, Apple has given just hours’ notice that it intends to raise prices across Europe for iOS apps. Apple haven’t currently committed to a specific time that this will come into effect, but have indicated it could be within the next 36 hours. Price increases are set ...
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- 28 Friday November, 2014
Black Friday: Get Ready for the Biggest Shopping Day of the YearPossibly the biggest shopping day of the year; the Black Friday craze, originally an American phenomenon, has spread from the US, to Canada and now to Europe. This year it falls on Friday 28th November and in the UK, promises to be the ...
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Our Top Picks this Christmas Viewed:2688
- 14 Friday November, 2014
So with only 40 sleeps until Santa puts in an appearance, Portable Universe have put together the ultimate gift guide to ensure you have Christmas all wrapped up this year. Find that perfect gift for everyone on your shopping list…but hurry, there’s limited stock and availability. Search our ...
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The launch of Apple’s latest product: #applewatch Viewed:2678
- 09 Thursday October, 2014
Apple has recently announced their latest product, the Apple Watch, due to hit the market in early 2015. It features the very latest in new technologies and an innovative user interface, which positions Apple’s latest product as the most revolutionary yet. There are three unique collections; Appl ...
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The MinnowBoard from Intel and CircuitCo Viewed:6137
- 07 Wednesday August, 2013
According to CIO News, Intel’s MinnowBoard has been shipped and is available to limited retailers for $199.00.  Developed as a bare computer without a casing, it is for computer hobbyist and developers who build their own computers and is the first commercially available open source PC with an In ...
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Belkin's New Energy Device Viewed:3483
- 06 Tuesday August, 2013
According to MIT, a new Belkin device called Belkin Echo Electricity (BEE) will show the user how much electricity is being used at home or businesses. The BEE, is connected to the utility meter and gauges small and large appliances and devices that require electricity to run. It is currently bei ...
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