Google to launch Nexus tablet

Date: 30 Friday March, 2012

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Just when manufacturers of consumer electronics are beginning to get a foothold in the tablet market, the Google empire decides to get involved as well. I donít mean in terms of operating system, they have already succeeded there with Android. I mean in terms of design and manufacture of a dedicated Google Nexus tablet device.

This is potentially good news for the Android lover but bad news for competing developers of tablet devices. Considering the fact that Google is a force on par with Apple in terms of global presence and the fact they are the main competitor in mobile and phone operating systems, this means that the other manufacturers could face a big challenge to stay afloat.

Of course Google will not be manufacturing a device themselves but it is believed that they will be joining forces with Asus and Samsung who are giants (among the minnows) in the tablets market. There are rumours flying around about which level this device will be entering at and it is likely to be a 7 inch tablet similar to the Asus Eee Pad MeMO 370T and will be in direct competition with the Amazon Kindle Fire.

For those of you who do not know about the Kindle Fire, it is a 7 inch tablet which is designed and aimed at people who specifically use Amazon for all of their online content so it doesnít aim to compete with Apple and the iPad. Therefore we do not believe that Google will necessarily be trying to combat Apple with this device. That doesnít mean it wonít happen in the future and we arenít denying that it will add to the growing arsenal of Android tablets that are luring people away from the expensive iPad.

The biggest blow that the market faces from this development is the high possibility that Google will be opening up an online store which will be the only place you will be able to purchase this device. The exclusivity will certainly add a bit of desirability to the product but also harm other retailers trying to sell similar devices. The price point for such a product will be in the region of £150 to £200 so the budget end of the market will be affected most.

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