Tech news today - 18/04/2012

Date: 18 Wednesday April, 2012

Microsoft targeting Apple in Tablet war when Windows 8 is released

With the imminent release of Windows 8, there is a particularly tangible sense of hype regarding what kind of devices will be released which will run the new OS. Windows 8 is the first iteration of the OS to be tailored for tablets as well as PCs so Microsoft clearly want a strong arsenal of technology exclusively running it to gain a share in the market.

Microsoft has now announced the specifications it requires manufacturers to stick to when designing tablets for Windows 8. Looking at them it is quite clear how they are approaching the scene and who they are aiming to upset. Cnet reports that Intel will be powering the machines with 10 and 11 inch versions, the latter featuring a physical keyboard. Battery life is to be 9 hours, 3G/4G connectivity, weight under 1.5 pounds and thinner than 9mm. This is remarkably similar to the iPad, almost identical in fact.

Considering the lack of success any tablet makers have had in fighting fire with fire against Apple, have Microsoft gone the right way? Perhaps the best thing to do would have been to take a different angle and try something new to lure away Apple lovers. Regardless, we still think the Windows 8 platform will be successful but how much it will affect Apple will remain to be seen.

Samsung holds production of Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 to improve CPU

According to Netbooknews, Samsung has stopped its production of its latest tablet device which is being eagerly awaited as stiff competition for the new iPad. The reason for the stop is to upgrade the tablet to a quad core CPU which will likely have four graphics cores as well. This kind of spec should match up nicely to the new iPad so when it is eventually released it should be a hit.

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