Should I get a Tablet or stick with my cheap laptop?

Date: 15 Wednesday February, 2012

The past two years has seen a meteoric rise of big OEM manufacturers releasing tablets and tablet PCís in order to keep up with Apple after the release of the iPad in 2010 and the follow up iPad 2 in 2011. The devices that have been developed in this time have certainly diversified our digital lives and opened up the world of wireless technology to everybody. The thing we must ask ourselves is whether or not this new platform of tablets will provide a sufficient replacement for my cheap laptops or desktop PC?

What people should realise is that tablet PCís and iPads are a complement to our existing media and communication technologies. Itís great to be able to take your favourite music, documents, work and internet access with you when youíre out and about. But donít forget about your home computers and laptops which still have a far more comprehensive range of features. Tablets do have touch screens and wireless technology but do you really imagine researching and typing up an important project on a 10 inch touch screen? Unlikely. Also the size and mobility of the tablet compared to cheap laptops and PCís means that it is hard to get comfortable for a good couple of hours use. Computers are far more conveniently situated on a desk with often a nice comfortable chair, no need to pick anything up. Donít get me wrong, tablets and iPads can certainly help you take important notes, video call and browse the web, not to mention entertainment on the move. But the Cheap laptops and PCís of our time still edge ahead of tablets in the all round usage factor.

I think the key to working out whether you need a tablet or just want one is to determine how much it could benefit you in both your business and personal life. It certainly appears that the iPad is more of an accessory born from the unrivalled marketing from Appple. It is definitely worth while checking out other tablets before parting with your hard earned cash.

Remember, in comparison to cheap laptops and computers, tablets and iPads are incredibly expensive. £200 to £800 for a device that simply does not have the full functionality of a desktop or cheap laptop is an awful lot of money. It is perfectly acceptable to want to stay up to date with technology but make sure you make the right decision. Do some research and find out what will be better about your life when you own a tablet or iPad. Many people have gone and bought one on a whim and ended up taking it back or selling it because it is merely a Ďbig smartphoneí. If you already have a smartphone and a cheap laptop it could very well be a waste of your money purchasing a new tablet or iPad.

Of course with the current social climate and the boom of social networks, a tablet might be a step in the right direction. If you find yourself at the mercy of social networks, online games apps and news then you will probably benefit from a tablet. Having these tools available to you when you are away from your cheap laptops or PCís is definitely a plus if you canít live without them so it might be worth increasing your technology budget so you have a full set tablet, PC and cheap laptop (maybe even smartphone!).

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