Tablets and iPads - why should we care?

Date: 22 Thursday March, 2012

Tablets and iPads are all the rage at the moment but what is all the fuss about and why should we care? In truth the popularity has been hyped and bloated because of the marketing that goes behind one particular device, the iPad, and the other products from Apple. They have an incredible tendency to make all of their products, especially the iPad and iPhone, extremely desirable. Not only desirable but also make them seem as though we NEED them in our lives.

Of course that also means that these devices do not come cheap. This doesnít mean that people donít want them anymore but increases the desire while opening a gap in the market for competitors of Apple to come in cheap. So it seems if you donít have an iPad then you have a tablet with Android or maybe Windows instead.

The big question is why do we want these mobile devices so badly and what makes them better than cheap laptops or even netbooks? The only real major advantage that tablets have is the touchscreen. This is the one functional difference that is certainly a winner and makes using the device easy and enjoyable. This doesnít apply when you try and type on a touchscreen, even Apple who are the masters of touchscreen functionality havenít been able to perfect the typing experience on the iPad. This is why we see more and more keyboard docks becoming available for iPads and most tablets.

The lack of a physical keyboard does give the laptop and netbook an advantage over iPad and tablets, especially if you like to chat online or use your device for work. Manufacturers are now combining tablets with laptops by making hybrids. The Asus Transformer Prime is an excellent example of this and is a truly fantastic device but it still isnít a laptop. Apple have patented a design for a similar hybrid device which may well be released next year in place of the next iPad. So what is the need for combining the two? Well it is simply because people still love the physical keyboard and having it as an option is definitely better than not having one. The only problem is that hybrids are expensive and still only feature the small memory and power of tablets along with the touchscreen and keyboard. So you may as well buy one of the many touchscreen laptops or netbooks now available.

Considering the specification that you get when you buy a tablet, the money may well be spent more wisely on a small laptop or netbook because you will get more than double the memory and power along with a full operating system. Until Windows 8 is released there is currently no tablet operating system that can act as a fully functioning PC or laptop. This is a major issue if you are looking to replace your PC or laptop with a tablet device. At the moment this is not advised but for sure get a tablet or iPad if you can afford it as a compliment to your current computer.

I personally think that people want these devices because of the marketing behind them making them fashion accessories. People feel cool if they can say ĎI have an iPadí or ĎI have a cool tabletí. The truth is they are only good for playing average games on and browsing the web while watching videos and photos. Not to mention social networks. But all of this can be done on a laptop or netbook which has more power and better OS. I am not denying that these tablets and iPads have a place in the market and indeed the world. In fact I think they are opening up more gateways in technology and improving our advancements. Just donít be too hasty to trade up yet, I experienced myself after having an iPad for a week the lack of substance and functionality. It was a bit of fun and was easy to access emails and the web quickly but I prefer using my laptop when possible.

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